Fabrilaser Manufacturing has two Amada Lasers


The ENSIS 3015 AJ 6kW Fiber is engineered to provide high-speed processing, ultra-precise accuracy, superior cutting quality and full-range capabilities. The innovative design provides an extremely flexible, user-friendly layout in a remarkably small footprint. Featuring a helical rack and pinion drive system, no lens change technology plus ultra-fast piercing and cutting, the ENSIS 3015 takes productivity to a new level. Additional features such as Cut Process Monitoring and an automatic nozzle changer, setting a new global standard for laser cutting systems.


FO 3015 M2 NT Standard CO2 is engineered to meet the high quality and shorter lead time demands of today’s fabricating companies. Features include the new Amada tuned oscillator from Fanuc as well as spatter free pierce for higher quality piercing in thicker material.

Amada Laser Cutting
Amada Laser
Laser Cutting
Laser Cutting Steel
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FabriLaser produces high-quality laser cutting, products & services. We provide cutting edge engineering services, manufacture precision cutting and bending products. Our industry experience, depth of engineering talent, and advanced technologies offer customers efficiency in product ordering, prototype design, production, and delivery times. Our company has strategically partnered with Amada America to utilize the newest laser cutting and bending technology available on the market.  These advanced machines enable us to perform multiple functions on one machine while significantly increasing speed of production.