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Our team has certified welders with the capability of MIG and TIG welding. Our Lincoln welders and Amada Inverter Spot Welder help to keep us a one stop laser and fabrication shop.


TIG welding is a slower process than MIG, but it produces a more precise weld and can be used at lower amperages for thinner metal and can even be used on exotic metals. TIG welding is a commonly used high quality welding process. TIG welding has become a popular choice of welding processes when high quality, precision welding is required.


MIG welding can be used on all thicknesses of steels, on aluminum, nickel, and even on stainless steel, etc. However, it is most typically utilized in manufacturing and in commercial fabrication settings. MIG welding is versatile and can be used with a wide variety of metals and alloys.

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